‘Padiyettam’, the novel written by R.Nandakumar steers the reader to the magnetic path of storytelling by making him a bundle of nerves. An amazing narration of interesting historical fiction, it becomes a novel experience of harmony between the course of storytelling and reading. The anecdote in the novel with the sweet syntax of the old Dravidian Sangham age, diversities in the cheery dialects of new Malayalam and Tamil, and the clumsy alloy language of the new generation is outstanding and enchanting. The new experiments in language lead a literary work towards the hearts of connoisseurs and make it readable.

(From the prologue written by Dr.P.Venugopalan)

History embellishes in this novel with many innate layers, which is not the praise of any dynasty or royal reign but the history of the multitude. The distinctive style that invokes in deep colors the mechanical environment of modern times and the hung-up state of minds, also the ancient presumptions of old praxis and coherent feudal perspectives assuredly manifests the strength of the language. This adroit skill of the Malayalam language is rare, I must say. The locution conjoining the junctures of this novel creates a celebration of vibrant language. The composition of phraseology congruent to each context in the fiction deserves study in detail.

(From the study of Haridasan)

Padiyettam bestows a different unique reading experience.

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